Your Bespoke Global Wealth Strategy with the emphasis on

UK Tax Planning

Book your Bespoke Global Wealth Strategy Session with me, a trusted advisor who understands your personal vision, your business and investment goals.

You are looking to establish your family’s legacy and build, grow and protect your wealth worldwide.

You have been wondering how to realise your personal vision, business and investment goals.

You have heard or even experienced that doing so can be difficult because you do not have the right professional network or experience in how the worldwide wealth needs to be managed and protected. You do not know what your ideal solution has to look like and what are the essential ingredients in your decision-making process.

Family relocations can be tricky.

An increased presence of family members or family assets in new jurisdictions may cause unnecessary legal, regulatory, tax and compliance exposure for your family members and your family’s assets. 

When you expand your global wealth and increase presence in high tax jurisdictions you could be at risk of:

  • higher tax liability in the home country and overseas 
  • international reporting and surveillance
  • increased scrutiny of tax and law enforcement authorities in multiple jurisdictions

Plus, a number of other legal and regulatory concerns. 

This may have left you wondering…

  • What is the correct UK immigration category for me, my family or business?
  • Should I become a tax resident in the UK? If so, what are the implications if I do?
  • Do I need to use an SPV (special purpose vehicle) as I move, operate and invest in the UK?
  • How do I preserve my family trust, business and fiduciary structures while I move, operate or invest in the UK?
  • How I can save on FOREX costs, banking fees and levies each time I make a high value transaction in multiple currencies internationally?

You need a global strategy.

Protecting your family legacy requires a global approach that requires professional expertise in UK immigration, UK international taxation and global structuring. Since your funds move internationally in multiple currencies, you need to ensure you’ve addressed FOREX issues as well.

Things can get complicated, fast.

Without an integrated approach, your wealth and assets may be unnecessarily exposed and become vulnerable to multiple risks, including possible public attacks and litigation. This is why you need an integrated and complete assessment of your particular situation.

I can help.

I am one of the very few professionals who is able to look at your assets from a holistic perspective and identify the multiple legal, regulatory, tax and compliance risks that you may be exposed to.

I am the single point of contact for ultra and high net worth individuals like you who need to develop your global wealth strategy, which aligns with your personal vision, business and investment goals and then meets regulatory, legal and compliance requirements.

I help you navigate the applicable regulatory and legal framework and tailor a bespoke and comprehensive approach across UK immigration law, global financial structuring and tax advice, set up, administer and review your trust, business and fiduciary structures and benefit with cost effective foreign currency conversions.

As your trusted advisor, I preserve the integrity of your global vision and keep your personal and business matters private and protected while you build, grow and expand your wealth worldwide. 

I am a public accountant, OISC regulated UK immigration services adviser and FCA regulated small payment institution (SPI) in the UK. I have been working with ultra high net worth individuals in Mayfair, London since 2008 and have cared for their global assets with the particular emphasis on the legal, regulatory and tax compliance in the UK and Switzerland. I am a financial intermediary regulated in Switzerland by PolyReg and supervised by Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

This is how we will work together

It’s critical that, first and foremost, I understand YOU and what it is that you are trying to achieve. Together, we will assess your personal requirements and circumstances and tailor the best solution to meet your unique requirements.

We get the best results when we tailor your approach with a global focus across UK immigration law, global financial structuring and tax advice, and set up, administer and review your trust, business and fiduciary structures, and develop cost effective foreign currency conversions. 

I thrive when I am invited to walk alongside my clients like you as you set out to accomplish your personal, business and investment goals. When you succeed and accomplish your goals, so do I.

Let’s Discuss

I would like to invite you to work together with me on developing your Bespoke Global Wealth Strategy.

Your Bespoke Global Wealth Strategy will include:

Global Wealth Strategy Session.

In this session, we will focus on your immediate and long-term goals. I will answer any immediate questions you are having as well as make the initial necessary suggestions.

UK immigration status review.

Do you intend to increase your presence in the UK? If so, what is the best solution to your family? Do you wish to establish a legal residence? Is Tier 1 Investor visa or British citizenship your long-term plan?

UK international taxation review.

How are your worldwide assets structured? Where is your family’s wealth situated? Where do you want to establish your tax residence? Are you considering Swiss residence under Swiss lump sum arrangement?

Global structuring review, including trust, business and fiduciary.

How are your current assets currently held? Does the current structure meet your needs and requirements? Do you need to prepare and structure your new transaction? Are you doing business in Switzerland or the UK? Do you need a suitable vehicle to do your business worldwide?

FOREX review to facilitate international multi-currency transactions.

 Are you planning or doing any multi-currency transactions and payments internationally? Do you need a better setup or currency exchange rate? Do you want to protect yourself and your business and manage inherent currency risks better?

Custom projects and auxiliary services, as needed

Past projects include advising on financial regulations, requirements to start own bank, family office, FCA regulated asset management firm, bespoke investment fund, establish fiduciary services arm and assistance with an international presidential campaign.



Saule has looked after our family’s wealth structures for more than 12 years.

We always valued her discreet demeanor, the flexibility in moving ahead with fast-paced high value transactions and finding suitable private banking arrangements. Her execution was always timely, elegant and flawless.


Successfully reversing initial Home Office’s visa refusal ahead of an important high profile business meeting in London

We are forever in Saule’s debt and cannot speak too highly of her dedication and the quality of service we have received from her. This was above and well beyond the call of duty. Her help has been second to none. By successfully reversing initial visa refusal and allowing our business meeting to take place as planned; this made a big difference to our overseas business representative who required a UK visa and ourselves and will help our business achieve its potential.


In dealing with UK tax authorities

Being new in the country, I was a little bit hesitant about the reliability of the available tax consultants. My fiscal matter was complex, therefore, I asked my friends for recommendations. Thanks to Saule’s expertise, I managed the transition from Italy without any issues. When clarifications had been prompted by the Fiscal Authority those have been properly managed and resolved. I very much valued Saule’s availability, kindness, flexibility in understanding and her ability to cope with different fiscal systems (if needed). It gave me the peace of mind knowing that my fiscal situation was well managed and assurance that any issue will be handled with competence. I would recommend Saule’s services to anybody who may need a reliable fiscal consultant able to deal with different fiscal systems rules or expat community.

Let’s get started!

Book a Bespoke Global Wealth Strategy Session

Get started on planning and structuring your next global move.

This offer is right for you if:

  • Your net worth is over £10M GBP;
  • Group of assets or investments are in excess of £5M GBP;
  • Your assets are unencumbered and are free from loan and debt relationships and claims.
Your Bespoke Global Wealth Strategy with the emphasis on UK Tax Planning starts at £8,500 GBP. Please book a call to discuss your requirements and concerns.