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Introducing UHNWI Guide

UHNWI Guide is for international investors, entrepreneurs and business owners.

As you invest, operate or relocate to the UK or Switzerland, there are at least several important concerns for you, such as:

  • Your Global Wealth and Investments and how to keep your wealth private and protected;
  • Investments in the UK, Relocation and UK Tax Planning;
  • Doing business in the UK after Brexit;
  • Relocation and UK Immigration concerns.

See what is the priority for you today.


You need an UHNWI Advisor 


UHNWI Advisor – helps you to navigate a complex legal and regulatory environment and plan ahead, so that you can make a number of important decisions right as you invest, operate or relocate to the UK or Switzerland.


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Global Wealth and Investments


Asset protection and International structuring


Protect Your Family Wealth – you are new to managing your family’s wealth and you are not sure what your options are.

Trust and Wealth Management – learn about the use of trust in your wealth management and how it may meet your family, investment and business.

How to Choose and Offshore Jurisdiction? – depending on who is advising you, you may win or lose when choosing an offshore jurisdiction to structure your investments and assets. Check the list of concerns on how to choose an offshore jurisdiction.

Your Own Investment Fund – starting your own offshore investment fund may be an exciting opportunity. Here are some of the steps as you go through the process.


International Private Banking


Swiss Banking SecretsWorking with Swiss banks is a great privilege. Swiss government chose to rescue some of the premier Swiss banks. However, the problems were well known from long ago.

Start Your Own Bank to Manage Your Wealth More Effectively – some of the wealthiest families in the world own their own banks to manage their wealth and investments more effectively. Is this the right choice for you?

Taxes, Business and Wealth Management when Owning a Bank Makes a Financial Sense  – there are specific circumstances when owning a bank is a viable option and makes the perfect commercial sense.


Cross-Border High Value Transactions


Financial Tips when Planning a High Value Transaction – there is an extra care required to plan high value transactions internationally across the borders.

6 Shortcoming of Regular FinTech Platforms when Planning a High Value Transaction – you need a specific solution that fulfils your high value purchase and saves you costs.


Privacy, Asset Protection and International Crisis


Pandora Papers – 5 Steps to Protect Your Privacy – information leaks and privacy intrusions make it difficult to shield and protect your wealth. What are the steps you can take to protect yourself?

Tips How to Protect Your Wealth Worldwide in Crisis – conflict escalation in Ukraine as well as many recent developments demonstrate that you need to plan the security of your assets in advance.

Investments in the UK, Relocation and UK Tax Planning


Why Choose the UK?


Webinar: Why Choose London to Invest, Operate or Relocate – What do you need to know? We were delighted to host a webinar. During the webinar the panel of experts discussed:

  • Investing in London’s commercial property and its latest trends;
  • How to win large contracts for your overseas company in the UK;
  • What do you need to know as you invest, operate and relocate to the UK?

You may watch video recording on YourTube. Read the blog post about the webinar.


Buy UK Property – learn from clients’ journey in Mayfair property market. Find useful tips and considerations for yourself.

Investments in Real Estate and Registration Requirement – making investments in property through overseas structures may still be the appropriate solution depending on your personal circumstances. However, you need to be aware of and follow the compulsory registration requirement.

Taxation of Overseas Nationals who are UK Property Owners – learn about how overseas individuals are being taxed in the UK and what some of the tax rules are.

UK Relocation Tax Advice – be prepared to take your own UK relocation tax advice and make sure you are taking this important piece of advice from qualified, competent and experienced professionals.

International Trust and UK Tax – as part of your UK tax planning, you will need to structure your overseas assets before you relocate to the UK.

The Dubai State of Mind – depending on your personal circumstances, the UK may not be the right place for you to relocate if your decision is solely based on tax reasons in your home country. You will need to approach this with care.

Company Migration: UK Taxation of Overseas Companies – a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners find themselves caught out by the UK tax legislation when they find out that by relocating to the UK they unintentionally moved their overseas businesses to fall under UK corporate tax provisions.

Keep Your Records for UK Tax and Immigration – only you are responsible for your own records. It is important to keep them as this may be the only possible way to prove your circumstances to the appropriate UK authorities.

UK Inheritance Tax Concern for British Minors – some overseas parents may not want their children born in the UK to become British nationals for UK inheritance tax reasons. Explore this flawed perception further. 


Remittance Basis of Taxation


Be a Remittance Basis Taxpayer – learn about the advantages of choosing to be a remittance basis taxpayer in the UK.

Remittance Basis Taxpayer Tips – what is that you need to know as you become a remittance basis taxpayer. Read our tips.

Non Dom UK Tax Planning Dates – find out about the important UK tax reporting dates.


Doing Business in the UK Post-Brexit


Brexit is a frightening word. It spelled uncertainty for individuals and businesses operating in the UK and the EU. How did the landscape change in the UK and what is that you need to know?

Starting your UK business after Brexit – sharing tips on what you need to know as you start your UK business after Brexit.

Brexit and the end of free movement of workers and entrepreneurs – free movement is the fundamental right under EU law to move across the EU in chase of better job opportunities and the entrepreneurial spirit. Learn about the new constraints.

Brexit and EU Goods – there are new border controls and requirements that were introduced in the UK after Brexit for goods being imported from the EU.

How to Increase your business sales in the UK – learn how to increase your sales in the UK and break through into the UK market.


UK Relocation and Immigration Concerns 


Best UK Visa for Investors, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners


Currently, there 3 types of UK visa options that may be suitable for investors, entrepreneurs and business owners:


How to Choose the Best UK Visa?


How do you choose the best visa for you? – how do you know what visa is best for you and how to compare the different types of UK visas against each other.

UK Immigration Routes – consult UK immigration routes that allow you to live permanently in the UK.

How do you Switch Your UK Visa? – Your circumstances have changed or you want to be able to choose the type of UK visa that can secure your UK permanent residence rights.

UK Ancestry visa – find out whether a UK Ancestry visa is for you. It is a dedicated UK visa for the grandchildren of British nationals who are in the Commonwealth.

UK Spouse visa – what do you need to know when you apply for your spouse visa. 

UK Hong Kong Route – how can you settle in the UK if you are originally from China or Hong Kong.

Humanitarian Route for Ukrainians – find out how you can relocate to the UK or sponsor a Ukrainian national to temporarily relocate to the UK.


UK Immigration for EU, EEA and Swiss Nationals


UK Immigration Options for Europeans – explore UK immigration options for Europeans: EU, EEA and Swiss Nationals after Brexit.

EUSS Settled Status – find out about the latest changes that the Home Office introduced to your settled or pre-settled status.

EUSS – Missed the Deadline? – Next Steps – what do you do if you missed your registration deadline?

Explore useful tips for Better Evidence – your ability to successfully secure your pre-settled or settled status under EUSS rests on the evidence you provide. Learn more about what the Home Office is likely to accept as the correct evidence.

EUSS: Comprehensive Health Insurance – comprehensive health is a requirement for EU, EEA and Swiss nationals if they are not economically active in the UK. This requirement has a bearing when you apply for British citizenship.


European Golden Visa, Citizenship by Investment and Swiss Relocation Option


European Golden Visa and Citizenship by Investment – which choice is the right for you? – wealth gives you a lot of options to choose from, how do you determine which solution serves you best?

Relocation to Switzerland under the Lump Sum Taxation Model – Lump sum taxation model is still a very good option for wealthy individuals who want to relocate to Switzerland.


Resources for British Citizenship 


Naturalisation: British Citizenship Resources – consult resources that help you to find how and when to apply for British citizenship.

Naturalisation: British Citizenship Application – learn about naturalisation, which is the process of becoming a British citizen.

Apply for British Citizenship – find out why you need to consider applying for British citizenship.

Help to Apply for British Citizenship – help to apply for British citizenship is here.

Your British Citizenship Ceremony – find out what to expect on the Day?

How Easy is it to Lose Your British Citizenship? – find out when you may lose your British citizenship.


What to do when Your UK Visa is Refused?


Your UK visa being refused has a number of different harsh consequences for you and your family. The best way to avoid this happening is to work with the authorised professional who can help you secure your visa.

A Professional may help you secure your UK visa – work with the authorised professional to secure your UK visa. There are a number of different rules and requirements attached to each UK immigration category. The UK immigration rules change constantly.

UK Visa Refused – Your Options – explore your options of what you can do when your UK visa is refused.

UK Visa Refused – What Happens if You do Nothing? – see what happens to you if you do nothing when your UK visa is refused.


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Saule Voluckyte, M.A.E.S, LL.B, FAIA

I have been working exclusively with UHNWI in Mayfair, London since January 2008. I built specialist knowledge and expertise required to serve ultra high net worth individuals investing, operating and relocating to the UK or Switzerland.

Within the industry, I am the single adviser who is able to traverse the different areas of expertise and bring a comprehensive approach across: global structuring, UK immigration, international taxation and FOREX to develop their global wealth strategy, while they build, grow and expand their wealth worldwide.

Previous experience as one of the senior advisors for the government, made me a go-to person when delicate and uncomfortable scenarios involving heads of state need to be handled with care and preserve privacy.

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