Global Structuring: Trust, Business and Fiduciary


You are absolutely excited about the new investment you are planning to make.

This is a new project for you in your wealth creating journey. You want to make sure you have identified all the possible risks associated with the new investment and that you have taken the necessary steps to shelter yourself and your worldwide wealth going forward. You are looking at a number of different options available to you. You are choosing the right one for you.

As you progress in your wealth creating journey, you are no longer convinced that historic and legacy structures created by prior generations are up to date and perform to their ultimate best in accordance with the law. The legal, regulatory, tax environment and worldwide reporting obligations have been changing faster than you could possibly follow.

You want to make sure that your wealth creating structures are up to date and the historically chosen jurisdictions are still in line with your global vision and investment and business goals. You want your family trust, business and fiduciary structures to be reviewed or you want to start your wealth creation journey from scratch.

You are well versed with the spvs (special purpose vehicles). You have been using them here and there. However, these are no longer really serving you and you are questioning whether this is really the best you can do. You are thinking long-term and you want your global wealth strategy to reflect your personal vision, business and investment goals.


how it would feel like if you no longer needed to carry all the weight of the world on your shoulders. The freedom you feel when you know that your family is provided for and protected. The peace of knowing that you did the best you could.

What if you addressed your wealth distribution plans well in advance? As being well prepared in advance may save you and your family members from costly and devastating litigation and unpleasant family quarrels. What about the happy family members living their bliss while serving their true life purpose with passion.

You are excited about building, growing and expanding your wealth internationally aligned with your personal investment and business goals and then meet legal, regulatory and compliance requirements. 

Are these thought patterns common to you:

  • How am I going to maximise my international investments and wealth?
  • Is there a better way I do not know about? (Is it the best I can do?)
  • Am I and my family protected if circumstances change?
  • Are my legacy family trust, business and fiduciary structures still relevant?
  • What do I need to put in place in order to continue to create and keep the wealth I am creating and pass on the benefit of this wealth to the members of my family trouble free?

    If this is what has been keeping you awake at night, this is your opportunity to get clear how to achieve positive results for you and your family’s wealth.

    I am the single point of contact for ultra and high net worth individuals like you who need to develop your global wealth strategy, which aligns with your personal vision, your business and investment goals and then meets regulatory, legal and compliance requirements.

    I help you navigate the applicable regulatory and legal framework and tailor bespoke and comprehensive approach across UK immigration law, global financial structuring and tax advice, set up, administer and review your trust, business and fiduciary structures and benefit with cost effective foreign currency conversions.

    As your trusted adviser, I preserve the integrity of your global vision and keep your personal and business matters private and protected; while you build, grow and expand your wealth worldwide.

    When we are working together you will gain clarity on how to meet your personal and business goals, keep compliant and continue to grow your wealth worldwide.

    Achieving Specific Results  Together

    When we are working together you will be able to:

    • The best course of action to take when investing worldwide;
    • The best structures to utilise and courses of action to take when planning to grow your investments while using global wealth creating structures;
    • Practical steps to take to protect your own and your family’s future and wealth;
    • Making an easy transition to pass on wealth from one generation to another;
    • Protecting and securing your assets and wealth worldwide.

    If you are ready to take action now and get that clarity, grab your spot now and schedule a virtual meeting with me!

    This is how we will work together

    Follow the link to book the virtual meeting

    You will follow the link to book a secure video or audio virtual meeting online with me. The automatic setting is Zoom, please inform me if this is not the right choice for you and indicate your preference. You will be able to choose how you wish to be contacted in order to feel comfortable and sufficiently secure during our virtual meeting. 

    Next Steps

    Within less than 24 hours, you will receive an e-mail confirming that our meeting is now scheduled

    Virtual meeting: 1 hour paid consultation

    During our virtual meeting we will take the time necessary to discuss your needs and the best way to address these needs. We will choose the best way forward to work together in order to achieve your personal, family, business and investment goals.

    The Proposal

    If we decide that we are a good fit to work together. I will follow up with you within 5-10 working days with a proposal, which will be prepared to reflect our discussion during our virtual meeting.

    Let’s Discuss the proposal and see how we can best work together

    After you have reviewed our proposal, you will schedule a follow up meeting so that we can best answer any questions you may have about us working together.

    Let’s get started!

    The easiest way to get started to work with me is by booking a virtual meeting. As you press on the virtual meeting link and scroll down you will be able to pick the date and time most suitable for you, as well, as how you wish to be contacted in a secure manner.

    You can always e-mail me through the contact page.

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