Global Wealth Strategy Session

with the emphasis on

UK Tax Planning

Book a series of sessions with me, a trusted adviser who understands your personal vision, your business and investment goals.

Not accessing the right advice for you

You are either completely new to the UK and its regulatory and legal framework and you do not know where to start with choosing to invest, operate or relocate to the UK.

Or maybe…

You have just left a meeting with your professional adviser: lawyer, accountant, private banker, asset or investment manager, fiduciary services provider or a regulated independent financial adviser and  the clear course of action was not provided to you.

Either way, this overload of new information has left you more confused, unsure and frustrated as you feel lost on how to proceed or cannot make sense of the professional jargon used in a meeting and how it applies to you.

You also feel that certain things may not truly apply to you or your circumstances, you read or you believe that there must be exceptions or a better way, which aligns with your personal vision, business and investment goals.

You are left confused and uncertain. You do not know where to start. You do not know whom to turn to have your questions answered.

What if you could speak to somebody who understands?

What if you had a single trusted adviser who only works with ultra and high net worth individuals like you? The trusted adviser who understands your personal vision, your business and investment goals. The professional who could guide you through the applicable legal framework and come up with the bespoke approach tailored exclusively for you?

Imagine how you will feel with the answers you need…

You feel liberated by having a dedicated professional working with you from day one. The adviser who helps you gain absolute clarity about your circumstances and the next steps on how to proceed. Instead of being passed around from one adviser to the next and receiving conflicting legal advice, which leaves you even more uncertain and confused about the right way forward and the very quality of advice received.

You have absolute clarity about your and your family’s UK immigration and tax status that preserves the integrity of your offshore trust, business and fiduciary structures, benefitting from cost effective foreign currency conversions and keep your personal business matters compliant, private and protected.

I can help you  balance different legal, regulatory and compliance issues in accordance with your own priorities and goals.

Are any of these frustrations familiar to you?

  • You are not sure where to start;
  • You are not sure who is the right and competent professional for you;
  • You are fed up of being passed from one adviser to the next;
  • There is no alignment in the advice you are receiving, you are left conflicted;
  • You wonder: why can’t a professional just give me an overview of what is required and how to proceed?

If there is one question that you always wanted to ask, but did not know who to address it to, this is your opportunity.

I am the single point of contact for ultra and high net worth individuals like you who need to develop your own global wealth strategy, which aligns with your personal vision, your business and investment goals and then meets regulatory, legal and compliance requirements.

I help you navigate the applicable regulatory and legal framework and tailor bespoke and comprehensive approach across UK immigration law, global financial structuring and tax advice, set up, administer and review your trust, business and fiduciary structures and benefit with cost effective foreign currency conversions.

As your trusted adviser, I preserve the integrity of your global vision and keep your personal and business matters private and protected; while you build, grow and expand your wealth worldwide.

When we are working together you will gain clarity on how to meet your personal and business goals, keep compliant and continue to grow your wealth worldwide.

Let’s get a clear answer to any complex question you have and the next steps you need to take!


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